Project 4: Green Dream — 100,000 trees to reduce carbon dioxide in the air, increase the level of the water table and bring back the birds!

Add a Touch of Green to Earth!
Bring back the Sparrows to Bangalore

Rotary Bangalore IT Corridor (RBITC) has a dream — to turn the green clock of Bangalore back closer to what it was – the garden city. In the immediate phase of the project, RBITC plans to turn Whitefield green by planting 100,000 trees in a 22 sq km area and thereby make a major impact on the environment. And it is going to do this by 15 August, 2008.

Think about it: thousands of Plumerias, Gul Mohurs, Cassias, Rain Trees, Cherry, Mango, Peepul and Neem that can make a measurable difference around you!

We are going to do this with your invaluable assistance, under the expert guidance of environmentalists such as EcoWatch and the support of the BBMP.

During winters. we humans use and check products like handy heaters reviews to keep ourselves warm. Use warm clothing to keep us protected from cold. Hundreds of residents in this 22 sq km area (skirted by the Outer Ring Road from Marathahalli till the suspension bridge, past the ITPL, down Hope Farm and along Airport-Varthur Road) have already begun to participate. Make sure you don’t miss out on participating.

What is the impact of 100,000 trees in Whitefield?

A hundred thousand trees have the ability to change entire eco systems. Here are four things we believe will happen:

  • Sparrows will return to Whitefield
  • Many species of butterflies will be back
  • The water table will rise
  • Carbon dioxide levels will be better managed

How do you plant 100,000 trees?

You tell us. At the moment, we need your help and enthusiasm to be able to do this by 15 August, 2008.

Over the last two years, the RBITC has been successful at planting trees around Sheelavanthanakere, a lake behind Sigma Tech Park, and along the Airport-Varthur Road.

These were planted by the RBITC, with the overwhelming support of people in the area.

But planting 100,000 trees is a different ball game…we need everybody’s involvement, and it would be great to have you and your children as part of the project. That way we would have ensured everyone has the chance to make a difference to the environment.

A group of people passionate about wanting to reduce the negative impact of our natural urban development has been working on the project under the RBITC banner. These include senior professional managers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, students, housewives, small businessmen …

A dedicated team is studying the 22 sq. km area and mapping it (see area outlined in red in the map above for coverage of the project). They are also consulting the local residents and RWAs. Discussions are also on with institutions which own large tracts of land in or around the area – army, police, HAL, companies, hospitals, etc. The response has been extremely encouraging.

Another team is working on contacting all the local residential communities to create awareness, get their involvement and to plant in their colonies. Many have already come forward to work in the project.

Yet another team is working on the Corporate sector, contacting companies and to involve them in the project. Initial efforts have evoked “Yes, we want to get involved” from every company contacted.

Creating awareness through creating and distributing collateral material, through out door hoardings, exposure in media etc. has been taken on a specific task by a group fully involved in it.

A large team will use all of the above to create evidence of the involvement of a large number of people and organizations through distribution of coupons, badges, etc.

Finally, one team is working closely with the contracting partners in the physical plantation and maintenance of saplings in the areas identified. They are also working on identifying type of saplings required and where we can get them from. The good news is already Mr Mahadeva Gowda, a noted environmentalist himself, has offered 20,000 saplings from his nursery at Dee Mandala farms and other places.

The project movement is well underway.

Who is part of this project?

We are getting in touch with as many people in the area as we can:

  • Individuals
  • Residential complexes and their associations
  • Companies/ corporates and institutions
  • Government bodies

If you want to participate, please write to Gita Sriram ( who is coordinating this effort or call on 9886112444.

Individual Involvement

If you or your children are interested in getting involved, here are some of the things you could do:

  • Help identify areas for planting trees
  • Be part of the awareness campaign
  • Get involved in collecting cash contributions (Rs. 100 per tree) that help plant the saplings and nurture them
  • Approach companies for their Involvement
  • Work towards acquiring an adequate number of saplings
  • Be part of the tree plantation itself

If you want to participate, please write to Gita Sriram ( who is coordinating this effort or call on 9886112444.

Contribute (in multiples of Rs 100)

You can be part of this effort by making a donation to the RBITC Charitable Trust. Donations can be made in multiples of Rs 100. To make a donation, you need to purchase donation coupons that are of Rs 100 each. Here are two ways to make the donation:

  • Contact Gita Sriram ( or call on 9886112444 and request her to send you as many Rs 100 coupons as you wish to pay for.
  • Click here to make an online donation using our secure and safe payment gateway.

Corporate Involvement

We want to identify and work with organizations which would be interested in being associated with RBITC in this movement and we encourage such organizations to:

  • Spread this message amongst their employees to get their involvement
  • Make a donation towards the cause of a Green Whitefield
  • Become a Corporate Contributor to the project: Contribute towards
    • 5000 trees – Gold Contributor
    • 2500 trees – Silver Contributor
    • 1000 trees – Bronze Contributor

@ Rs. 100 per tree

Contributors will be acknowledged formally through the presentation of an appropriate plaque.

Be known as a company that is socially responsible in an area that is most urgent for the future of humanity.

Get exposure on our website, banner space at the major function on Aug 15.

Contributors will also be acknowledged in press releases and press conferences.

If you want to participate and know the benefits of corporate involvement, please write to Rajeev Mehtani ( or call 9845640182.

What will your contribution be used for?

RBITC will use your valuable donation to:

  • Purchase saplings that are at least three years old and plant them
  • Pay for the actual plantation of the saplings
  • Pay for maintaining the saplings for the next 12 months until they can survive on their own


  • Dedicated group of people wanting to make a difference
  • Started 2 years ago
  • Doing extensive work in various schools
  • Provided a fully equipped ambulance for the Whitefield area
  • Provided a bus for Shankara Eye Hospital at Kundanahalli to transport patients from remote areas
  • Organized the world’s first Midnight Marathon in Whitefield in 2007
  • Planted trees around the lake two years ago, and on the Whitefield Varathur Road last year

For more information, please contact

Rtn Amarnath Kamath, President (Email:, Mobile: 9845025600),

or Buvana Sharma, Secy., (Email:, Mobile: 9845951958)

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